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Welcome to International Explorers!


International Explorers are taking our first trip south of the border this year and heading off to the Ancient ruins and Modern cities of Peru this Spring Break. In our 9-day trip we'll shop in the European style capital of Lima, take a river raft through jungles, travel back in time to the markets in Cusco and up through the mists of the Inca capital of Macchu Picchu. Stop in to B-200 for information but registration must be completed soon!

Mission Statement:

Explore the world while promoting greating cultural understanding and awareness.

Flexible Payment Information

The Board of Education is now able to award units of high school credit to students through the State Board of Education's Credit Flexibility Plan. Our course is worth .5 credit in Social Studies. It is non-weighted and is called Modern World Cultures: Spain Experience 2010-2011.
The course includes attendance and learning at monthly meetings; preparing and presenting an approved topic; journaling while on the trip and completing a summative trip report.
Find the ODE and Mentor Schools guidelines and application to the left. The application explains the course and grading in detail.
** NOTE Mus. Munoz MUST meet with parents and students wishing to apply for flexible credit before the course begins.