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News and Changes for Ski/BoardClub 2015

Mentor High School's Ski/Snowboard Club is excited to announce the following changes that are being implemented for the 2015 season!!

  • In order to maximize your 4-hour ski session and avoid traffic issues, busses will leave at 4:15 this year, NOT 5:00.
  • You now have the option to sign up for Ski Club "Remind" messages ... anonymous texting services to keep you in the now about updates, deadlines, and changes as they happen
  • You will get a club card this year instead of a neck tag ... more info on BMBW registration card or website. You can choose to put money on this card so you don't have to take money with you for food, etc. You also will have four $10 value passes on your card that can be used for a variety of things at the resort including lift passes
  • Club apparel will be available for purchase this year ... information coming soon! Check back for details!
  • Club advisor this year is Miss Fisher, a math teacher at Mentor High School. You can find her in room C203 before or after school if you have questions. Also, feel free to contact her through email at fisher@mentorschools.org if you need more information.

    For any student interested in being a part of Mentor High School's Ski/Snowboard Club, you need to complete the following 3 steps by Tuesday, November 25, 2014!

    1. Go online to register HERE. You can access a short video HERE to help you with the online registration or you can use the following pdfhere to guide you in this process. You will need to have a login and password - its on the "Online Club Registration" postcard from BMBW that you picked up from Miss Fisher.

    2. Complete the 4 forms listed below. Return to Miss Fisher in room C203 or your unit office.

    3. Write a check payable to "Mentor High School" for the correct amount based on the 3 options listed below. Return to Miss Fisher in room C203 or your unit office.

    Forms and Registration

    Complete and return the following sets of Forms and Money by Monday, November 26

    Boston Mills/Brandywine now as "Online Registration."
  • Please click on this "The Online Registration Tutorial for Ski/Snowboard Club"
  • Sign up at this website
  • Mentor High Forms

  • Form A → Acknowledgement of Risk (Parent and Student Signature Mandatory)
  • Form B → Extracurricular Activities Academic Policy (Parent and Student Signature Mandatory)
  • Form C → Bus Transportation (Parent and Student Signature Mandatory)
  • Form D → Emergency Medical Authorization (Parent and Student Signature Mandatory)
  • Click here to download all of the forms
  • Payment: Combined "Ski/Board Pass" and "Bus Fee, " all checks payable to Mentor High School.

    ItemsPricesTotal Cost
    Own Equipment/Lift Tickets + Bus Fee $139 + $60 $199
    Rent Equipment/Lift Tickets + Bus Fee $199 + $60 $259
    Season Pass Owner + Bus Fee $80 + $60 $140
    Foregin Exchange Students only pay half the above stated fee
    SNOWBLADERS must use their own equipment

    Welcome to Mentor High School Ski/Board Club!

    To Prospective members:

    Ski/Board season is getting closer. Are you joining your friends who are going skiing with Mentor High Ski/Board Club this year? Students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades are welcome to join.

    This year we are skiing on Wednesday evenings. Upon arrival at Brandywine, we will be met by our Ski/Board School Instructors and then proceed to the equipment rental area to select our equipment and check in. Those with Ski/Boards will go right to the Ski/Board area. All participants must take 5 lessons.

    All Ski/Board club members are individually responsible for keeping track of the time. All members should be back in the rental shop early so that they can be on the bus at the time we are supposed to leave for Mentor High. Anyone who causes any delay could be suspended from the next bus ride, or from further bus rides, without a refund of any money.

    All students who ride the bus from Mentor High to Brandywine must also return to Mentor High on the same bus. Students are assigned to a particular bus and must ride only that bus. Please do not ask to switch buses.

    There are no guests or occasional riders allowed on the buses. All persons who ride the bus must be a member of Mentor High Ski/Board Club, and as a member, will still be governed by school and club rules.

    We must leave the bus as clean as we found it. No drinks or food will be permitted on the bus, either going or returning, this is a state law. Your membership fee does not include a charge for cleaning the bus, and any such charge would have to be collected after the Ski/Board season is over from the people who rode the littered bus.

    Upon entering the bus at both Brandywine and Mentor, politely and clearly give your name to the bus chaperon.

    The Ski/Board passes issued by Brandywine cannot be used by anyone but the person whose name appears on the ticket. If you get caught lending or borrowing a pass, the pass is confiscated, and no money refunded. If you should misplace your pass, go to the ticket office and request a new one for a five-dollar replacement fee (This can only happen once in the five weeks).

    All students are reminded that Mentor High Ski/Board Club is a school function, under school sponsorship, and all school rules are in effect and strictly enforced. Persons caught smoking, drinking, etc., are suspended from both school and Ski/Board club. Any person creating any problem or source of embarrassment for Mentor, the Ski/Board club, any chaperon, or bus driver shall be dealt with severely.

    Mentor High Ski/Board Club is to be fun for everyone and a hassle for no one.



    Brandywine offers a season long Ski/Board package which includes the use of lifts, lessons, and optional rental equipment. The sessions are three hours long with a one-hour group lesson each trip at any level of proficiency. In addition, each member of the Mentor High Ski/Board Club will receive a pass card which entitles them to three free lift tickets (and free rentals if a rental ticket is purchased) to be used at specific times during the current season. Free lift tickets can be used at either Brandywine or Boston Mills


    The Ski/Board school program offers students the opportunity to learn a healthy exciting outdoor sport that can be enjoyed for the rest of their lives. Safety, sportsmanship and proper conduct on the slopes are stressed, as well as having a good time.


    The cost of the school program for the entire season is only $199.00 for skiers/boarders furnishing their own equipment and $259.00 for skiers/boarders requiring rental equipment. Helmets are becoming popular with many sports enthusiasts.

    No refund will be given to any student removed from the club due to disciplinary reasons invoked by the school advisor, Brandywine Ski/Board Patrol or Brandywine management. Absolutely no refunds on this heavily discounted program.


    All students are given a permanent ticket for the season (to be worn around the neck) which bears the student's name, school, and shoe size. The tickets will have sticker that are color-coded to you ability level and the lessons taken (lessons are required). All tickets are the responsibility of the ticket holder and lost tickets can be replaced at a cost of $10.00 during the first five sessions only (once).

    Tickets are valid only for the day and time period the school has contracted for and tickets are restricted to the person whose name they bear. Due to Ski/Board Patrol safety requirements, tickets cannot be lent to friends. Violation of this rule will result in removal of the ticket and loss of Ski/Board privileges for the season for the club member.


    Students are given a weekly opportunity to improve their ability and to earn a sticker attesting to their proficiency level. The sticker is color coded with the relative difficulty of each slope at Brandywine, which is similarly color-coded. All students must have a lesson sticker and students will not be permitted to Ski/Board on slopes with difficulty rated higher than their proficiency level as indicated by their sticker, unless in a lesson group accompanied by an instructor. In this manner the students are matched to the skiing terrain they should be able to Ski/Board safely at Brandywine.