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Mission Statement

The Actively Caring for People (AC4P) movement was initiated in response to the Virginia Tech shooting in the spring of 2007. The primary focus of the group is to encourage intentional acts of kindness and recognize positive behavior. Although much of our work is behind the scenes, our projects promote a connected relationship among the student body. It's a non-political movement supporting each and every student in MHS. We do not pick sides, we support people. Our belief is that more student initiative, respect, and a kinder environment will lead to a more proud body of students. AC4P also collaborates with other MHS groups including Future Leaders, GAHTAH, Student Government, CARDS, NHS, Pride, and others.

In AC4P, we plan events, discuss the building climate, and support the initiatives of other clubs at MHS. We do not have traditional meetings. Instead, we ask for support for events as needed. Students reccomended by teachers may help to support this group and create a cohesive culture.