Chapter 6: Essay Questions

Please choose ONE of the following questions to answer in an essay form. The criteria for an acceptable essay must include: a topic sentence, three supporting arguments with examples and a conclusion. The outline below may be used during the quiz but only the outline.

        What are some of the reasons that the Populist Party appealed to so many people in the late 1800s? (hint: the economy, responsiveness of the government, the railroads and/or the development of the Grange or Farmers Alliance)

        List and explain three reasons why people emigrated to the cities.

        Identify some of the results of the rapid urbanization. Discuss three of the urban problems and what was done to help those that lived in the cities.

        At the turn of the century, what policies and practices kept African Americans in the south from realizing their full political and social rights? (Hints: voting, segregation, role of the government)

Topic Sentence:


1st argument:




2nd argument:




3rd argument: